Monday, May 5, 2008

She's growing a baby!

(This post REALLY isn't about money!)
While we were in Utah, Heather hosted a baby shower for Katie and her new baby, yet to be born! It was so fun and so great to see so many people who are important in Katie's life.The shower was planned typical Kane style. We started out brainstorming on Tuesday (which mostly amounted to discussing yummy recipes until we knew Katie was joining us and we would have to stop discussing it since the shower was a surprise.) We decided that we would head out first thing Weds. morning and get inspired at Target for a theme, and then head to Costco to be inspired on the food. We did have a list of ingredients and decided whatever we didn't fix for the shower we would serve at the graduation party the next night.So, right at the crack of noon on Wednesday, we rolled out of bed and headed to Target to "get inspired". The $dollar section at the entrance gave us our theme! Gardening! She is "growing a baby"! Well, $75+ later - we had the start to an amazing baby shower.
On to Costco, arriving...oh around 2PM. Mind you the shower starts at 6:30 in Lehi, and we are now selecting the food we will go home and prepare. We had a great lunch grazing through the Costco sample tables, and bought the ingredients to about a hundred different recipes along with a few things for the graduation party. $380 later, we were off to WalMart! Truthfully, this price included food for two parties, some Shade Shirts and a BIG package of diapers. Oh and somehow I misssed the $15 jar of jelly bellies!3PM, we enter WalMart, Heather and I racing through the aisles, each of us with a list. What took us the longest? Figuring out how on earth to fit another $100 worth of groceries into a Van that already was stuffed with $430 worth of goods, 6 people and a two year old in a car seat! Did I mention the multiple bottles of Sprite that went into this punch?
4pm - we roll into the parking space in Lehi at Heather's house. The real typical Kane fun begins! We choose recipes, sort groceries, and everyone grabs a task that fits their party personality. Kelley begins decorating, sorting, arranging, getting the room ready. Dad is in charge of Alexander, trash, arranging chairs and putting up balloons.Oops Dad forgot the balloons, so Chey heads out with the ballooons!
Lisa, Heather and I are fixing, mixing, cooking and arranging food like crazy!
6:15 pm the door bell rings, but of course we weren't quite ready for guests and no one wants to open the door. Chey finally lets the first of our guests in while we continue the mad dash to the finish line.
6:30 and friends are arriving. We are ready!6:45 and Katie and Rode roll in. Kate was somewhat surprised but also somewhat suspicious of the pink balloons at every corner. (not to mention the pick balloons at the playground that the neighborhood kids had taken down from the signs)Guests were invited to give advice by writing it on a diaper. Every time Katie diapers the newest little girl in the family, she will get some good advice! We also wrote this poem while doing the above mad dash:
"These we'll use for her little bum.
Grab a marker and we'll have some fun!
Write a tip to be real nice.
As she diapers the babe, she'll get advice!"
We did introductions and told how we knew, or met Katie, or shared a favorite memory. My favorite of these was Shelby's memory, but I will leave out her story for Katie's sake!

Katie got some beautiful things for her little baby girl!It was so fun to get together with old friends and to celebrate Katie and Rode's baby girl!


The Bostons said...

It was so great to see everyone at Katie's shower. Thanks for coming everyone! Katie felt so blessed.

Ali-kat said...

Of course you threw together a fabulous shower at the last minute, it's your way.

Cindi said...

So glad I got to see you there. What a wonderful family.