Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy Birthday to...

Wow, thank you everybody for your warm wishes and funny messages. It was good to talk to so many of you, and great to hear your voice or read your text and email messages. My birthday was awesome!
I had lunch with my boss Ben who got me an original Amato's, and the day was topped off with dinner at a Greek Restaurant in Portsmouth with Larry and our friend Burt who is in town from Hawaii. Tomorrow I get a pedicure with Aunt Maryellen!
I think that birthdays are an ideal time to make resolutions, not New Years. So I have been thinking about a few. I am going to be amazing this year! I am going to give up Diet Coke (again, yes I am a failure), lose weight, exercise, get to work early, bake homemade bread, get my food storage and climb Mount Everest! Yep, birthdays are a good time to be optimistic!

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Anonymous said...

I am way too selfish about birthdays to self-improve. I figure its my day to be unapologetic and be remembered (maybe even worshiped, okay maybe not). I hope you are successful with at least one thing on your list.