Thursday, December 25, 2008


Merry Merry Christmas from beautiful snowy Heber City Utah! We are expecting a couple of feet of snow for Christmas Day, so it will be a white Christmas for the Kanes. 

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Storm update

I committed the grievous error below of not giving credit to a photographer - this angel is pretty amazing and kudos to the staff photographer EJ Hersom at Fosters Daily Democrat, the local paper, for capturing this shot! I have now updated that post to include this info.

And also, I remember well the good example the Yeagley family set by packing up and heading to the shelters in Rochester to support their dad when he was Superintendent there.

We now have 9 extra people tucked safely into bed! We're open for showers if anyone is in need.

Finally - to our friends on the 5th floor - we are happy you are safe and sound AND have wondered if your elevator was operating!

Have a great Sabbath, and again please keep our cold neighbors in your prayers!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Safe and Sound

(EJ Hersom/Staff photographer - Fosters Daily Democrat - Ice covers a religous statue outside a church in Rochester NH Friday during the ice storm.)
While it is mighty cold here in the northeast, it is warm and toasty at our house. We lost power for 12 hours, the longest we have ever gone without electricity in the 24 years we have lived here! The lights are back on, and all is well. John and Malinda brought the kids over to warm up and we had a little party. Now everyone is tucked safely in our many beds, and no one is cold.

We are among the lucky - many will be without power for days. For those who have never experienced an ice storm, it is a little hard to imagine. Ice coats everything (up to one inch in our area) and the trees bend under the weight of the ice. Many trees break and fall, blocking roads, tearing down power lines. It's quite a mess. It is beautiful, glistening ice everywhere, but also very dangerous.

Maybe the angel above is crying for those who are braving the 18 degree temps in their unheated homes. New Englanders are pretty stubborn, so there are a lot of cold people tonight toughing it out. Please keep them in your prayers!

As for me and my house: it's hot showers, warm food, good company. We're safe and sound!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The cool thing about hospitals

I just read the paperwork from the hospital after my "routine medical screening procedure for people over 50" and it warned not to sign any papers for 24 hours. Maybe I shouldn't be blogging either?

In any case, the coolest thing ever! Check this out! This was in the prep room before the procedure. (I guess they figured a having a toilet handy is a good idea)
I want one of these! Just swing the toilet under the sink and the unsightly thing is out of the way. That's right folks, this is a "Swing-A-Way model 9510", and the toilet swings! Attached to the inside of the other cabinet door: A toilet paper holder! So cool.

If Heather had one of these, where on earth would Gunner get a drink?