Monday, April 14, 2008

Dietcokeaholics Anonymous

(If you click on the white bar above you will see what I crave...)
Day One (Friday) - not bad at all
Day Two (Saturday) - mean as a bear, splitting headache, sleepy as all get out, and overall miserable - 1 hour late picking up Larish at the airport - breathing fire!
Day Three - survived! Headache not so bad, drinking lots of carbonated water to get through Sunday - even gave a rousing talk on strengthening families in spite of my withdrawals
Day Four - barely a headache - being productive. Still could kill for an ice cold fizzy diet coke. Still addicted. I am like a recovering alcoholic. I am a dietcokeaholic!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Blah blah blah

OK so the complaints are flying that I haven't blogged about my exciting life lately. it is.
Tonight, I drove up to LL Bean to do a little shopping. Didn't buy a thing.
There you have it.
Okay, maybe I have done a few more exciting things, like get a haircut, take Candace to Boston for a Dr. appointment, go to the dentist, shop at JC Penneys at the Fox Run, go to Boston with Ken shopping for flowers for Nate and Louisa's wedding, work at CES, and sell Flowers at Fiddleheads; but other than that, my life is pretty boring. At least you know what I have been up to THIS week. Most weeks are a little busier and more exciting ;-)