Thursday, May 8, 2008


Our daughter Heather is now a BYU grad. Well not officially until after she finishes her minor coursework spring term, but she's as good as there. Isn't she beautiful?

Elder Bednar was the Commencement Speaker. I love him, he is so real and genuine. He is also very inspiring.

I just wish I had seen it in person. Yeah, I travelled 2400 miles to watch Commencement on BYU-TV! I woke up sick and participated in the festivities from my front row seat - on the sofa in Heather's basement! Oh well, Daddy was there, and Denver's Mom and JR were able to be there as well.That meant a lot to Heather to have family with her. I am not sure why we don't have pictures of Katie and Kelley since they were also there, but I suspect they were coming home to get ready for the party since I was sick.The happy graduate and her cute hubby:JR, Nari (Denver's mom), Heather and Denver:

Did I mention that Belle was there for the festivities? Yup, right there in the Marriott Center, but shhhhhhhh don't tell anyone. Doesn't she look incognito?
The proud family:
Since I was sick and I am the official photographer, I don't have any pics of the post commencement party, but we had a great time. Kelley's Mother in law Denise, sister in law Andria and nieces Kennady, Sydney and Avery came, along with the entire Braby family (Randy, Cindy, Russell, Amy, James and Lucy; along with JR, Nari, Belle and all of our families. Thank heaven for Lisa, who showed up before the crowd, coming in like the calvary to rescue me since I was too sick to prepare the food. She had everything ready when the guests arrived and saved my butt! (Can I say butt on a blog?) Anyway, Lisa and Chey were there through thick and thin the entire trip, helping us entertain and just plain having fun.
All in all, a very good day!

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