Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Aunt Bessie

After a college graduation we like to take a family road trip. This year I requested that we head to Archer, Idaho to visit my dear Aunt Bessie. Bessie Amelia Small Erickson is my dad's little sister. She looks pretty good for 90, don't you think? She hasn't changed a bit! It was so good to see her.During the flu epidemic of 1918, both their mom and dad died of the flu, leaving these precious 4 orphans: My dad and his sisters Laurel, Bessie and Valeda. Valeda was a new baby when they lost their parents. Their grandparents kept them together and raised them in Bangor ME with the help of Auntie Georgia and Uncle Herbert.
Uncle Norman has been a great husband and a wonderful Uncle. I love him! He has a heart of gold (and a pacemaker to keep it ticking now!) I LOVE to hear his laugh, and Aunt Bessie's laugh as well. It is like music to my ears.

See that cute guy sitting next to Aunt Bessie? That is my cousin Herman, and I finally have confessed that I had a wicked pre-teen crush on him. He is still as cute today.
Aunt Bessie loves her pictures and I love going to her house and looking at them . She especially loves the picture behind her in this next shot - the one of a tree lined street - where she grew upon Kenduskeag Avenure in Bangor Maine. I tell anyone headed to Rexburg that if they run into a lady in the grocery store Broulim's with a "wicked" Maine accent, that is my Aunt Bessie. She has never lost her accent, and boy it is a "Downeaster's accent".
Everyone took turns taking Alexander outside on the farm to see the animals, and play on the swing. He loved jumping from the table.
Aunt Bessie feeds Walker a hotdog every day when he comes over from my cousin Norman's house. Alex got to help feed him too.
FINALLY Brian is in the family photo's! We are so glad he was able to leave dental school for a few days to join us. Can you see her missionary wall behind them? She has a map with everyone's missions on it and it would put any ward missionary wall to shame. Uncle Norman and Aunt Bessie served in South Africa, their kids all served missions and now the grandchildren are on the board. So awesome!
It was hard to say goodbye at the end of our visit. The family in front of Aunt Bessie's mural.

I love my family!

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Michelle said...

You are such a dear heart! or should I say deah haht? Thank you for honoring the family on your blog. I have enjoyed getting to know more about your parents, through their letters and the pictures I've found.