Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cooking by Blog 101

After over 30 years of cooking family dinners night after night, the repertoire tends to get a little old. As a blog lurker, I have discovered some great recipes that I thought I should try. So this week was "Cooking by Blog" at our house. Let me share some of our favorites. (Click on the title to go to the recipe)
Well OK the first one wasn't from a blog at all, but it was a recipe I got off the internet.
Sweet and Sour Kielbasa
I actually already put this recipe on my blog but thought it was worthy to mention. It is what got me started on this adventure. I found it on and find it to be very much like the Chester Fried Kielbasa. Delicious!
I give it Five Stars. Easy to prepare, great taste and Larry loved it.
Dani's Chicken Pot Pie
This is the Vest Best! Dani is the wife of a 1st year dental student at Temple University (the school my son Brian attends), and she writes a pretty funny commentary on life in Philadelphia and some amazing recipes, among other things. I have only tried a few, but I am working my way through her list! This Chicken Pot Pie is reminiscent of those great pot pies of my childhood, only much better!
I give it FIVE + stars. Easy to prepare, great taste, Larry loved it, and I LOVED IT! Larish says it deserves a TEN.
Hoisin and Honey Glazed Pork Chops
Another Dani recipe. This one was delicious too, but not my favorite. I think I either put too much ginger in, or I just need to half the ginger cause I found it overpowering. The pork was fork tender and very tasty.
I give it Three 1/2 Stars. Easy to prepare, fast for an after work meal.
Tortellini Soup
Dani once again. This was delicious and super easy to make. We loved it.
I give it a Four 3/4 Stars. Also very easy to prepare and fast to make. Great with a salad and rolls or breadsticks.
Pineapple Glazed Ribs
Gotta love Dani. This one was amazing as well. The only problem with these ribs is that they are so tender that they fall off the bone and it drove Larry crazy trying not to lose any meat in the grill. I suspect more went in his mouth than down to the bottom of the grill but whatever. Maybe cook the ribs on low instead of high? I will try that next time.
I give these ribs a 4 1/2 stars, only because they are more labor intensive and caused Larry stress on the grill. Great flavor and very filling. A good recipe for a cookout with guests.
Marlboro Man's Favorite Sandwich
This is from Ree over at The Pioneer Woman. She is one of those famous bloggers, making tons of money by running great contests and getting a million hits on her blog so every advertiser in town pays her big bucks. I am pretty sure she is one of the original strike it big bloggers, and I love her writing so I look past the ads. You gotta read her love story. And, she is a great cook.
This sandwich is amazing. If you don't like Worcestershire sauce, you won't like it, but we love the stuff around here, especially mixed with some good beef, so this sandwich was a hit. I did add a slice of Provolone which added a few more calories for the heck of it. I left off the hot sauce cause I am hot enough already.
I give this sandwich five stars, but then again I love spicy things. And I firmly believe and adhere to the principle that a stick of butter makes anything taste good.
It was a Pork heavy week, so gotta work on getting some variety in the diet. Probably ought to go look for a diet blog too. ;-) wink wink
I don't want to steal photos - so if you wanna see what this food looks like - you gotta go to the links. I promise, you won't regret it!


Cindi said...

I like the new blog look. It's cute. the recipes sound yummy--I'll have to try some. I read the Pioneer Woman blog too--I know, I need to get a life. She cracks me up.

Hannah said...

those recipes look great! I love Pioneer Woman, too!

I usually read your blog through my Google Reader, but today I went onto your actual site and I LOVE your background. Did you find it online? It's SO cute!!

kanewoman said...

Thanks Hannah - I put a link to Lee Lou Blogs. Her designs are free and it is very easy to change your layout.