Monday, June 29, 2009

The Cast of Characters

Tyler: "Big Mac" The River Guide

Maryellen "Wilderness Woman"
Ron: "Cookie"

Janet: "Crash"

Barb: "Girlie Girl"

Sue: "The Mainah called Precious"

Scott: "Lifesaver"

Jeff: "Big Daddy"

and last but definitely not least...

Homer: "The Potty Bucket"

Tons of Fun

Some of you may have been wondering what the last two posts were about...

For three days last week - I went into the wilds of Maine with a group of friends for the adventure of a lifetime. Believe me - ONCE in a lifetime!

There will be a few posts explaining our trip - but here is a peak at the group and the beautiful country we explored!

The fearless (we look pretty good after 34 miles of self propelled travel!):

What we did:

What we saw:

Keep watching for more info to come!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How on earth...

Does one pack

More socks
sleeping bag
sleeping pad
(tiny) pillow
minimal toiletries
diet coke
diet coke
diet coke
something to
pee in
bug fighters of every kind
lots of ibuprofren
miscellaneous etc.

into (or attached to, hanging from etc etc.) a waterproof pack that one can portage 1.25 miles in the wilderness?

I hope by Wednesday at noon that I have figured it out!


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How Grammie gets to be the favorite...

My Grammie is the coolest!
She leaves the pantry door open for me to go exploring!
Oh boy is this going to be fun!See? She bought this big bag of rice for my Aunt Hezzie, and now she is letting me play with it!
Hmmmmmmmmm, what else is in here?
Oh man, I might be in trouble now...
Nope, Grammie is laughing and pointing that camera at me again!
What are these things anyway?
They are way too crunchy for me, right Grammie?
(posted by Olivia)

I <3 SWA

Yes I do - I LOVE Southwest Airlines. It isn't often in this day and age when you hear someone say they love ANYTHING about an airline.I know some people hate the cattle call of standing in your "assigned" place in line - and we sure hated the fact that we were up in the High Uintahs when we were supposed to be getting our boarding passes online last Friday. We ended up in the dreaded C line and knew our fate - middle seats on the first leg of the flight home.

We begged to be bumped in SLC and eke one more day out of our "vacation" (I use that term loosely) but it was a no go - there was ONE empty seat on the plane so we got on the plane nearly dead last - but to our surprise both got aisle seats.

Then in Phoenix (is that really on the way home?) we heard the call for those willing to get bumped. Checking it out we learned we wouldn't get home until the next afternoon and the bump included no hotel room. We held our ground and got ready to take our place in the dreaded C line. They kept asking for 2 volunteers, but we accepted the fact that I had to get home for seminary graduation, so we were getting on the plane. At the last minute, I asked a new lady behind the desk what they could do for us, and she found a way to get us home the next morning - AND promised a hotel room! Score! Enough SWA credit for two or more tickets - a free night in a hotel, AND home in time for graduation!

The plan was to fly us to Baltimore, put us up for the night, and we would catch the first flight home in the morning. As it turned out - after the door closed on our flight - that they couldn't get us on the Baltimore flight. Larish in his wisdom requested a flight to Philly - and not only did we score all that credit - we got to visit these two delightful young'uns along with their mom and pop!
And that my friends, is why I <3 SWA!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sneak Peek

After 10 glorious days with these lovelies...

Quiz question:Do we look exhausted?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Heidi and Ian

I was privileged to help out Heidi and Ian with their wedding - we had a great time and they are a beautiful couple. I thought I would post a few pics here that I took at the temple. It was a beautiful day!

So glad when weddings bring family members home!Beautiful wedding party! These ladies had a great time!
Mr. and Mrs.

The beautiful bride!For the real deal - check out the Photographers blog: Perkes Photography!

Choo Choo Train

Ever since moving to Philly, Alexander has admired a tour book of the area that was in the back pocket by his car seat. He always turned to the picture of the train and asked when he could go there. We decided to make it a fun family outing to the Strasbourg Railroad - a 45 minute train ride through the Amish country in Lancaster County PA. It was a beautiful day and we had an awesome time.

The train was a little intimidating up close.

We rode the open coach car for fun.
Lil rode the whole way with the wind in her hair, hanging onto the rail and watching the sites! She is a lot like her Grammie!
The scenery was beautiful with rolling hills - cows grazing, amish buggies on side roads, people waving as we rolled by.
Amish boys working on the farm alongside the tracks.
Xander LOVED his train ride!On our way out we had to stop at the car from the "Boston and Maine Railroad" for a picture.

Any day the sun is shining and we are with the grandkids - is a BEAUTIFUL day!