Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The rest of our 2007 Christmas Letter...

  • We got educated! Heather has completed her student teaching and is now teaching Physical Education in Utah. Denver (Communications and Media) and Anthony (Engineering) continue their studies, Katie is finishing up her Master's in Speech Pathology, Brian (Kelley’s husband) graduated from Utah State University in April. Brian interviewed at dental schools across the country and is now enrolled at Temple University in Philadelphia learning to be a dentist. We are so excited to have Brian, Kelley and Alexander living within driving distance. (It’s a stretch, but you can do it in 7 hours!)
  • We traveled. A lot! A visit to Larish’s Aunt Jakey in January in Pennsylvania, wedding reception in Utah in March, wedding in Utah in May, continuing on to California to deliver a car to Kelley and Brian where Brian worked this summer. Visit to California in August, picked up the car to drive it back to Philadelphia with another stop in Utah. Several trips to Surry Maine to visit family, and Larish went to Norfolk VA 12 times and Bremerton WA 5 times with his employment. When I lay down at night it feels like the bed is still moving.
  • We had visitors. Lots of them. It started with Anthony, then Denver and all the wedding attendees: Aunt Pam from Kentucky, the Pedersen’s, lots of Katie and Anthony’s friends from Utah, New York, Georgia, etc. We had people sleeping in every room in the house! Next wedding it was The Riddles, the Trotters, along with most of our family. Lisa Winterton came in September, followed by Susie’s cousin Eileen Lentz. Brian, Kelley, Alex and their friends the Churches came from Philly for Thanksgiving, and all the kids home for Christmas! Ali even came from North Carolina, and Jake from Washington, as well as a visit from Ray from Oregon! Hooray for company.
  • We cried. It was a year of mixed blessings with the loss of dear family members. Larish’s brother Alan passed away at the end of December 2006. Alan had many medical complications from Downs Syndrome although his passing was unexpected.Alan was dearly loved and we are so glad we were all able to see him just a few days before he left us. Alan was a very special and dear person to us all and every time we sing a Christmas Carol we will remember Alan’s love for Christmas all year round. Larish’s Aunt Jakey (Marion Koons) became ill in January and thankfully we were able to visit with her in Pennsylvania as she only lived a few more weeks. Finally, Aunt Althea (Larish’s Dad’s sister) passed away due to incidence of age in November. We love and honor these family members.
  • We celebrated. New sons! A wonderful grandson that turned 1 in June! And…will 2008 bring more grandchildren to the family? Only time will tell….

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Anonymous said...

Great updates!! Sorry about your losses. We lost Aunt Loraine this year.