Monday, January 21, 2008

Getting old makes you think...

Tonight I am remembering Kelley at the same age as her Alex is now. She had a riding toy - no horns or electronic sounds to scare her. Just a horse with a handle at the head to hold, and four wheels. She would get on that horse and do the circuit around our little apartment in Bangor Maine. She would ride into the living room, pick up a beloved small toy, ride back around to the kitchen, open the lid to the trash can, deposit the toy. Then she would ride off, around the kitchen, out the second kitchen door, and back into the living room to find another toy. Here is a great picture of the horse, but that is Jon Kill riding.

Here is a pic of Kelley riding the horse, on our front porch. I wish we still had that horse for Alex. Notice the determined look on Kelley's face. That is an Alex look for sure.

Kelley loved going down to Ellsworth, to visit with Grammie and Grampie Small, and especially to see Aunt Jane. Note the ratty old white car we drove when Dad was in college and we were poor. It was a Dodge Colt. That car was great.

I got this great book about potty training. It didn't really work, but Kelley loved sitting on the toilet.

This reminds me of pics we have of Alex. No shower in that apartment, just this great looking claw foot tub that was only about 4 feet in length. Great fun.

Here is a favorite of mine. She loved climbing on things, hiding in things. Can you believe that Kelley was mischievous?


Anonymous said...

You're my hero right now, these pictures are AWESOME!!!

The Bostons said...

Thanks for digging out all of my "naked-baby" and posting them on the internet for EVERYONE to see! I appreciate that. I'll be sure to remember that the next time I am posting pictures of you on my blog. :)

I think Xander looks like me.

The Bostons said...

PS - I'm not really mad.