Friday, January 11, 2008

Christmas 2007

We had a great Christmas with everyone home.
Every year we take a picture of the kids in front of the door before we go in to open stockings and gifts. Someday I will compile all these and see how everyone has grown and changed (not to mention the addition of many family members). For now, it is enough to know that I have the pictures somewhere....
Opening stockings...(maybe we need to get a bigger couch, or a bigger family room!)
Alex thinks Christmas is great - for him it just lasts forever! Christmas happens in Logan, UT at Grandpas; in Saratoga Springs at Aunt Andria's; and then at Grammie and Grampies in New Hampshire!
He was a little put out that we put his old toys away - he liked the new ones but the old ones had to be moved back in for him to be happy and to keep him in the room! Open a new gift, go look for the old toys, open a new toy, go look for the old toys.
What's the matter with Katie?We had a great Christmas dinner, with a house full, of course.
We went to Maine to see Great Grammie and Great Grampie but I have no pics to prove that.

We celebrated Brian's birthday with the annual family basketball tournament, but somehow Dad and I missed that. Hmmm.....well at least we were there for the cake and ice cream ;-)
We traveled to Philly to celebrate New Years and visit the Cradle of Liberty. We saw the Liberty Bell, the original Constitution, ate yummy cheesesteaks at Reading Terminal, and some even ran up the "Rocky Steps" in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Denver, Heather and Dad got to visit Denver's Grandma Teena in New Jersey after dropping Katie and Anthony off at the airport.

On the way home from Philly, we stopped on Staten Island and took the ferry over to NYC.
We visited Ground Zero, Times Square, but shortened our visit cause it was so COLD COLD COLD and well, Denver just wasn't too thrilled with his first visit to NYC. Maybe next trip we will make an all day adventure out of it.
Denver is excited to go to Utah to celebrate his birthday with snowmobiling and parties with his family. Heather is not excited to leave her family and go back to one more semester at BYU before graduation.
And that my friends, is what we did over Christmas Break!

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Anonymous said...

I like Heather's uber grouchy face. It's funny when she's groucy. Ok, maybe just to me.