Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tying up loose ends

First of all let me say


Secondly, in case you were all wondering, I am going to study my camera manual tomorrow and learn how to turn off that stupid date that is in the corner of all my pictures. It might not be quite so bad if it was the right date! So if you wonder why my Friday pics say April 3 - well that is why. The camera thinks it is tomorrow when it is today.

Finally - thank heavens I made it through the last ten days! Thank you all for your comments and show of support. I am going to take the weekend off from blogging, but hopefully I will get right back on the band wagon and continue to document the wanderings and craziness that is my life. Can you believe I blogged for TEN DAYS STRAIGHT? Shoot me if I ever make that promise again.

Good night. Over and out. Asta La Veesta, baby. I'm done.

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