Saturday, April 3, 2010

Gee, doggy, Gee!

Have I told you lately how amazing my daughter Hezzie is? Well, she is!

She has been teaching PE now for 2 years at The Colby School, a private school in Park City for children from preschool age through 8th grade. It is an awesome school and a perfect fit for Hez. She has bravely and confidently taught the curriculum in place when she was hired (yep including creative movement!), and has developed some pretty exciting programs that have only enhanced the learning experience at Colby. She has also learned to drive a school bus. Yep, she drives the short bus.

the driver on the bus says "move on back!"
Last year Heather and her buddy the art teacher came up with a fun summer camp for the older group and it was a great success. Not wanting the summer fun to end, they continued on with an "Extreme Adventures" after school program. Evey Friday ( and occasionally on Saturdays ) they are off exploring all the fun things there are to do in the area.

This Friday was awesome and I tagged along to document the fun. Granddaughter Olivia (my best buddy lately) my good friend Lisa and I headed over to the beautiful Catholic Church across the highway from The Colby School in Park City. They were going to meet sled dogs and go for a ride in the field beside the church.

There we met up with the campers and their fearless leaders, along with the most beautiful sled dogs! It was so fun to meet each dog, give them love and praise.

As they hitched the dogs up to the sled, the excitement increased as the dogs howled and begged to get to work. They love pulling the sled!

(this tall guy loved the student that was helping to hitch him up to the sled)
The two lead dogs sure loved each other
The most fun? Olivia was able to go on the final run! A sweet girl named Lucy sat Olivia on her lap and Livie Lou got to go around the field on the sled. She LOVED it and didn't want to get off!

The dogs were tired after doing this track 9 times around, but they were all good sports and let us pet and love on them some more.

Pawsatch Snow Dogs is an awesome adventure! They do rides for families, groups etc on trails in Wasatch and Summit Counties. They also do birthday parties for kids, coming right to your home! The owners are wonderful and accomodating. They even have a wheeled sled for summer runs. If you are looking for an outdoor adventure - give them a call! You can also become a fan on Facebook.
This adventure was pretty tame compared to some of the crazier things these kids get to do, but so fun. That is the Kane way -  fun is our middle name.

These guys remind me of my brother's huskies
The Extreme Team
(future extreme camper)

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