Friday, January 23, 2009

Sewing on Thursdays

Every Thursday night I have been going to Sanford and meeting up with some friends for a little "enrichment" activity - we mostly sew, but we have also been known to knit, crochet, or just visit. Sometimes we bring a snack to share, and we have a great time.

I made these cute onesie dresses and headbands for the girls with Amy Butler fabric and - believe it or not - scrapbook embellishments!

For Thanksgiving I pulled all my fall scraps out, designed and whipped up this table runner:
And this banner:
I love these banners and made several of these to give to friends. Totally awesome!

I don't have pictures of the awesome grocery bags I made - some for myself and some for Hezzie for Christmas. I also whipped up a couple of Amy Butler Birdie Slings for Kate and Kelley for diaper bags. So fun!

There is more, but I need to take pictures to show you my "finishing" projects. I promise you will be impressed!


Hannah said...

wow, you are so talented!! I especially love the banner you made!

I love Amy Butler fabric, too - she's my favorite designer.

Mike and Ariane said...

Wow, you've been busy! And you make it look so easy! Nice work. Oh and the Paula gooey butter cake is on my list to make...for some reason gooey butter cake isn't up in new england like it is in the mid-west, makes me miss home. I'm waiting for the announcement when Paula passes away...will it be from a heart attack or a sweet tooth?

Mike and Ariane said...

Wait, that sounds morbid....I'm not actually waiting for Paula to die. I love her food!

Cindi said...

Beautiful work. The banner is especially cool.

The Bostons said...

I love my bag!!!

Anonymous said...

I so wish that I had these mad sewing skillz. Way to go Susie.

Char said...
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Anonymous said...

Didn't mean to delete my previous

Thursday night
lots of chit chat
lots of fun
and we REALLY DO get our projects

See you soon.......