Thursday, January 22, 2009

Picture Postcard Christmas

This year our Christmas was straight out of the Christmas Card Box! We celebrated with family and friends in a winter wonderland. It snowed and snowed, starting on Christmas Eve and snowing all day on Christmas. It was beautiful Utah Powder and it sure piled up. What a great day (two weeks!) we had!

Doesn't the above picture look like it could be on a Christmas Card? One goal I have for 2009 is to learn more about photography: not just taking better pictures but learning how to doctor them up like the pros. In the meantime, the above will have to do. This horse and buggy came along in Midway Utah just as we were about to go to a yummy restaurant and have some gourmet pizza. Good times!

There were so many highlights of this trip - watch for more posts!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, all you need to do is crop it, and get rid of the dirty snow and power lines. Or you could just use the Thomas Kinkaide filter in Photoshop.

kanewoman said...

There you go Ali, speaking french to me again. There will be a LARGE learning curve for me to meet this goal. Can I do those things in Photoshop Elements 3.0? I hope to get Elements 7.0 and think that is as technical as I want to get. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

I was totally kidding about the Thomas Kinkaide filter. There's no such thing.

Hannah said...

wow, that picture is gorgeous!