Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday?!?!

Check out the loving look this son is giving his mom. You can tell he loves me, can't you?

Brian's birthday falls a few days after Christmas, and this year we missed out on the annual Brians Birthday Basketball Bash cause he was in Logan with his family, and frankly, Heather is the only one who likes to play basketball. The rest of us spend our time calling time out or pulling down the pants of the other players. Ok, maybe we do some pushing and shoving too. But I digress.

Brian is our brainiac son (Brian - Brain...), studying to be a dentist in Philly and likes to dress the part. Although the above scrubs are the throw away kind when you attend your second child's Cesarean birth. There I go digressing again.

Not only is Brian a brain, he is a smart, multi-talented, deep thinking, music loving, mac promoting, spiritual giant, loving husband, wonderful father, great friend kind of guy. We'll keep him, and we are so grateful that Kelley broke that rule about dating her home teacher. And kissing her home teacher. But that is a story for another post.

Watching them at Christmas was kinda fun, cause you can tell they are more in love every day.

Happy Birthday, Brian!

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