Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Birthday to the College Graduate!

You might think this post is about Heather, but no, it is her husband, our third son Denver! His birthday is at the beginning of January so this is a late birthday post.

Denver graduated in August and I never did announce that here. We are so proud of him, especially since his big Christmas Day announcement - he is now working full time in his field, no small accomplishment given the current economy. He is a Media Specialist and is still able to continue his Videography business as well. If you haven't checked out his work be sure to go to his website, he really is incredibly talented. And videography is not his only talent, he excels in anything he does from music to missionary work.

So, Denver. We have another smart talented handsome husband for our daughter. We love Denver and his enthusiasm for life and his ability to find joy in everyday experiences. As a rule he is very positive and is able to lift Heather at all times. They certainly are a pair! The two of them can't seem to stand still, so it is good that they have a dog to walk several times a day! Denver keeps us all laughing and we certainly love him for that.

Happy Birthday sonny! We are so glad you have joined our family!

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