Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I <3 SWA

Yes I do - I LOVE Southwest Airlines. It isn't often in this day and age when you hear someone say they love ANYTHING about an airline.I know some people hate the cattle call of standing in your "assigned" place in line - and we sure hated the fact that we were up in the High Uintahs when we were supposed to be getting our boarding passes online last Friday. We ended up in the dreaded C line and knew our fate - middle seats on the first leg of the flight home.

We begged to be bumped in SLC and eke one more day out of our "vacation" (I use that term loosely) but it was a no go - there was ONE empty seat on the plane so we got on the plane nearly dead last - but to our surprise both got aisle seats.

Then in Phoenix (is that really on the way home?) we heard the call for those willing to get bumped. Checking it out we learned we wouldn't get home until the next afternoon and the bump included no hotel room. We held our ground and got ready to take our place in the dreaded C line. They kept asking for 2 volunteers, but we accepted the fact that I had to get home for seminary graduation, so we were getting on the plane. At the last minute, I asked a new lady behind the desk what they could do for us, and she found a way to get us home the next morning - AND promised a hotel room! Score! Enough SWA credit for two or more tickets - a free night in a hotel, AND home in time for graduation!

The plan was to fly us to Baltimore, put us up for the night, and we would catch the first flight home in the morning. As it turned out - after the door closed on our flight - that they couldn't get us on the Baltimore flight. Larish in his wisdom requested a flight to Philly - and not only did we score all that credit - we got to visit these two delightful young'uns along with their mom and pop!
And that my friends, is why I <3 SWA!

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