Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dr. Boston

I am so glad we made a last minute decision to trek to Pennsylvania a few weekends ago. It was the white coat ceremony at the Kornberg School of Dentistry at Temple University where Kel's hubby Brian is a student. He has completed 2 years of study and was honored by being "coated" before he actually treats live patients - his first patient was today!Apparently even good photographers have a hard time getting good indoor shots - but my shaky hand makes it even more difficult.
The ceremony was held in the Great Court in Mitten Hall. It was a beautiful setting with this amazing ceiling - and beautiful windows at the front of the room (making it more difficult to get good pics!)The line up of white coats before the ceremony begins.There was a giant 2011 in the foyer with student names and pictures from their class.There are a few familiar names on the "two"
It was so difficult to get a "live" shot of Kelley coating Brian - this is the best I could do. I guess it wouldn't have been appropriate to ask the school's Dean to move so I could get a better shot. Brian is bent over a bit and Kelley is in a blue dress, see her there? The Dean is smack dab in the middle of them :-)
A re-creation for the blog!
The students reciting the oath.
A few good looking students and their wives/families. The future of dentistry - right here.
Kel got a few congrats kisses in.
The Dr. and his Mrs.
Maybe not quite yet a Doctor of Dentistry - but he sure looks impressive!

Brian kept referring to this ceremony as "no big deal" - but it really was! Congratulations Brian! We love you and are very proud of you.

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Erica and Daren said...

Can I just say thank you? I never hear anything about those Philly Boston's. If you didn't update your blog occasionally about them who knows when I'd hear about BIG DEALS like becoming an almost-dentist! Keep those proud moments and little kiddies pictures coming, they are much appreciated!