Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Choo Choo Train

Ever since moving to Philly, Alexander has admired a tour book of the area that was in the back pocket by his car seat. He always turned to the picture of the train and asked when he could go there. We decided to make it a fun family outing to the Strasbourg Railroad - a 45 minute train ride through the Amish country in Lancaster County PA. It was a beautiful day and we had an awesome time.

The train was a little intimidating up close.

We rode the open coach car for fun.
Lil rode the whole way with the wind in her hair, hanging onto the rail and watching the sites! She is a lot like her Grammie!
The scenery was beautiful with rolling hills - cows grazing, amish buggies on side roads, people waving as we rolled by.
Amish boys working on the farm alongside the tracks.
Xander LOVED his train ride!On our way out we had to stop at the car from the "Boston and Maine Railroad" for a picture.

Any day the sun is shining and we are with the grandkids - is a BEAUTIFUL day!

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