Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This old house

These babies have been in our garage for a year or two now, waiting for some modifications to the bay windows in our old house. Larry had to jack up the front and square things off in order to fit them in. (Nothing is EVER square in an old house, everything has been settling for 100+ years!)

He tore the ceiling out above the bay in order to insulate and protect us from the cold.
He took the old windows out. Hooray!
He worked very hard to put the new windows in correctly.Aren't they beautiful? I can hardly wait to get the living room finished.

Only three more windows and the massive window project is complete!


Mike and Ariane said...

I love how Larish smiles while he is working on home improvement projects. Does he ever not have a smile on his face. :-) Makes me want to smile!

Hez said...

Are you guys ripping out that ugly, old wallpaper? I'm excited to hear about your new room mama!

kanewoman said...

No, but we are going to tear out that lovely carefully chosen 20 year old 99 cents a roll that your father lovingly adhered to the walls by carefully matching the mismatched seams with an exacto knife wallpaper. We are thinking paint this time around.

The Bostons said...

Good job Dad! I'm so proud of you.

PS - Go Phillies!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think you guys have had a project going on your dear old house for the last 20 years. I'm glad you are one step closer to your dream living room.

Cindi said...

The windows look gorgeous and paint sounds lovely. Have you chosen a color? Your home is always so warm and cozy and now it will be gorgeous too.