Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Rubber Band

A few days before Kelley was due with Lillian, I was sitting in Sacrament Meeting with my phone close by in case I got "the call". So when the phone started vibrating, I jumped up and raced outside to hear those magical words:
K: Hi Mom
Me: Is it time!?!?!?!?!?!?!
K: No but you know that fireside I am going to tonight with the youth?
Me: Are you kidding me? You aren't in L A B O R ?????
K: Listen Mom, you know that fireside? I just found out what it is about.
Me: No B A B Y yet?
K: Mom it is going to be RYAN SHUPE AND THE RUBBERBAND!

So, I jumped in the car, raced home, threw clothes in a suitcase, and FLEW to Pennsylvania. (OK I drove quickly)

I made it for the opening song.

I'm in love.

With the music of course.

Cause there is only ONE TRUE LOVE in my life.

But Ryan Shupe comes in a close second.And that is why I wore the same clothes over and over again all summer - since I never came back home for 7 whole weeks!

I love this song, DREAM BIG:

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