Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Wow, am I the only one who drives around, seeing pictures in my mind, thinking "that would make a good post!" Only thing is, I never have my camera, I am not much of a photographer, and how on earth can I portray on this blog exactly how witty, humorous, talented, and genuine I am?
Today - I grabbed my camera along with my purse, determined to snap a picture when the
opportunity arose. And this is what I got...
As I glanced in my rearview mirror on my way to work, the motorcycle rider behind me looked a little suspicious.
I looked.
I looked again.
Is that a symbol on his helmet?
Does that say ECILOP on his windshield?
Since I have my own personal freeway to work known as "The Salmon Falls Rd" (speed limit 35) it is fortuitous that there was a slowpoke in front of me going the speed limit.
Not wanting to raise the alarm, I carefully continued on my way, reaching over to secure my camera in my hand. I turned the camera on but didn't want the nice policeman to pull me over for "snapping a picture in my rearview mirror while driving 35" so I simply got prepared to snap the shot at the next stop light.
I glanced quickly down to see that my camera was on the correct setting.
That is when I saw the spider.
Rapidly making its way down to my lap, ready to munch on me for lunch.
I have no idea what that policeman thought as I started batting myself, screaming, and desparately trying to maintain control of the car.
Can you see him in this closeup? (not the spider, I hope he is dead now)

Next thing I noticed was how much clearer the picture was in my side mirror.
This was at the next stop sign.
See the nice policeman?

Now don't you wish I had left my camera at home?

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Cindi said...

Hey! It's about time that you posted. I am just glad to see that you are still alive. :) Randy nearly killed us once when a spider climbed down on him while he was driving. And it is amazing that you weren't actually speeding. I remember how fast we could get to Exeter when you were driving.