Tuesday, June 8, 2010


On Sunday, a little star was blessed - Sullivan Harvey (say it Hahvee) was taken in his Dad's arms and encircled by loving Priesthood Holders, and his Dad gave him a name and a blessing. It was beautiful and memorable and this little boy is well loved and amazing. What a great day.

So let me tell you how the day goes in the Kane family when there is a baby blessing.

First, we all agree that we shall honor the Sabbath Day, especially on such an important Sabbath Day, one when our precious newest gift from God is given a name and a blessing. So we prepare on Saturday and have a peaceful restful day - a happy quiet loving Sunday. Or something like that.

Church is from 1-4 in this neck of the woods and when I hopped in the shower at 12:46 (after just a little food preparation), I sensed I might be in a bit of a tight squeeze to make it to the church on time.

When we rolled into the parking lot at 1:06, I was pretty certain we would be lucky to sit in the back row, but Katie standing at the door rushing us in gave me the hint that we had indeed made it just in time for the sacred ordinance. The windblown hair I sported was a fashion plus, accenting my lovely 5" discs that Heather assured me were earrings that hung from my lobes. My one pair of earrings that I wore on the trip were now an orphaned set, no doubt one earring residing embedded in the seat of a Delta Airlines jet somewhere. Seriously, those big earrings look cute on Heather, but I felt like a lady of ill repute and I could hear Aunt Valeda's voice in my head all day - reminding me that dangly earrings are of the devil. But I digress.

Amazingly, the last row in the chapel was sitting there empty, as though it had our names on a reservation card. How did they know? One thing is for sure, the Kane's know their place, right there in the back row. Especially on such an important day. (We were just lucky that we didn't have to march up to the front row because that is usually where all the empty seats are.)

(I am sure a few of our loving friends are shaking their heads, smiling, right now. A few of our other judgmental friends are appalled. Oh well.) We do have the best intentions. We really do. We just have a problem with time management. 

As it turned out we had PLENTY of time cause the Bishop totally forgot about Sullivan HAHVEE and we had to wait until after the Sacrament Service for his blessing. It all worked out, Sullivan got his beautiful blessing, and I was sitting there basking in the glory of the gloriousness of the day, enjoying my beautiful family - including all four grandchildren - wonderful friends etc, looking at my beautiful granddaughter Olivia sitting there with her parents, when suddenly

I notice

just past my daughter and son in law


and I just about had a heart attack right there. I knew Michael McLean was in their ward but honest to goodness there he was! To think, this guy must know my deepest darkest secrets because he has written a song about every one of them! From the moment I first heard his song "You're Not Alone" I have loved his music and his message.

Now, it didn't take long for my three daughters to realize they had a problem because their mothers eyes were suddenly glazed over and they sprung into action. They forbid me from approaching the stand, certain I would mention Michael McLean a hundred times and make a fool of myself. (I might add a couple of women did just that in the meeting)

Michael himself approached the pulpit and bore a beautiful heartfelt testimony. I was certain he had been sitting there composing a song about this beautiful baby that was blessed, but it seems he had been thinking about something else.

Now I have enough of my father in my to squelch the human tendency to hold back and allow the celebrity some privacy, and I approached Michael after the meeting. I wish you could have seen his face as I approached him. He lit up, extended his hand, and said hello to me with the enthusiasm of someone who was finally being reunited with a long lost friend. I seriously thought "Does he remember me from somewhere?!?" We had a great conversation and I apologized for being starstruck, and he gave me a ginormous bear hug and told me to be starstruck no more, for now we were friends.

And we are. Later we were gathered as family and Michael came over and I introduced him to everyone. He gave Sullivan a big kiss (after asking Heather who was holding him if he could have a kiss - phew that was close he meant from Sullivan not from Heather) - and as he met each person he managed to find a connection in some way - he really is personable and very genuine.

As we left the chapel at the end of the meetings (yes we stayed three hours shame on you for thinking otherwise), Michael spied our friends and said "Bye Winterton's!" across the parking lot. What a guy.

And that baby we blessed? We didn't.take.one.picture.

But I know I for sure will never forget his baby blessing!


Cindi said...

How cool. I love his music too. Kisses to baby Harvey and his awesome grandma.

Sue said...

Susie, you have the best stories! Thanks a million! Love, Sue

Michelle said...

You're such an extraordinary woman with a gift for words. Thanks for sharing!