Wednesday, June 16, 2010

NOT starstruck

OK Maybe just a little, but not impressed.

Flying home the scenic route, the hubby and I found ourselves on several planes taking us from the heat of Phoenix, through the rain of Detroit, to the perfect weather of NH.

Detroit has an airport that can only be described as long and thin (as I wish I were described in like manner ;-) )

We of course got off one plane at Gate A1 and had to catch our next plane at Gate A209,658 - OK I exxagerate but seriously it was like Gate 89 or something like that - clear at the other end of the airport. Thankfully there is a monorail right in the terminal that will rush you to your next gate.

We hopped on the train, and as I got settled I realized I knew recognized the dude across from me:

Yep, that's right, Michael Moore. I must say, in the above picture, Michael is slightly overdressed compared to how he dresses while traveling.

It's a good thing I have a touch of Alzheimers and couldn't remember his last name, or I would have struck up a conversation with the dude. But seriously, what does one say to Michael Moore. Or rather, what does a conservative Republican Yankee say to Michael Moore? "Hey dude, I heard about that controversy when they asked you to speak at UVSC (now UVU) in 2004. So they got Sean Hannity to balance the odds. Cool, huh?" Yeah, no. Again, thanks for the Alzheimers, cause it could have been awkward.
I am pretty sure he must have stopped at the food court to have one of these:

Seriously, who eats this? Maybe Michael Moore?


Cindi said...

That guy is crazy and ugh. I'm disappointed that you didn't start a conversation with him. Maybe it would have gotten heated and they would have had to land the plane and we'd have heard about it on the news. :)

Amy said...

NO! Cut it out! Ben DP's secretary reads my blog? Oh my word, does he know I'm a swearer???? If he doesn't, can you let him know so maybe I can get released???? Kidding...kidding....kind of.