Friday, May 28, 2010


I just had to document this nightmare I had last night so I never forget my resolve! I was also inspired by this post by a funny guy named Mike. He put my terror into words.

So, there I was, in a high school auditorium that looked remotely like the old gym at my Alma Mater Ellsworth High. Do things morph in your dreams, like they do in mine? I was standing on a lawn chatting it up with my friend Jen, next thing I know I am in an auditorium with the most random people. And suddenly I find myself in my most favorite role - that of Activities Chairman, committee of one, and (in the dream) suddenly realize we are having an impromptu variety show. The Bishop is very excited, but things go spiraling downhill quickly. He bolted about 10 minutes into the show.

It seems everyone has a talent they want to share. And I use the term talent loosely. And in this dream nightmare, I discover that my friends can sing, twirl, lip sync, and even tap dance. Not only that, but they carry their costumes and music with them everywhere, because everyone I have ever attended church with, in addition to random people I have never met, lined up to perform. This thing was taking on a life of its own and I lost all control (hmmmmmmm sounds like my life right now?). It didn't phase these performers that in looking out on the audience - there was no one sitting there watching. Since there was no one in the audience other than random children running around unsupervised (another nightmare of mine) to see my intense embarassment, I decided to embrace the event and just let these crazy people do their thing.

It was clear they were not bothered by the lack of interested audience, they still performed their hearts out. (You should see my clowning friend Jennifer tap dance in my dreams!) There was a big to-do because a friend of a friend of a friend wanted to lip-sync a song that was inappropriate to some (another activities chair nightmare) and heaven forbid there was no internet access to google the lyrics.

I was fighting the urge to jump on stage and show off my mad juggling skills I picked up at Weber State College (Ok just kidding about the urge, but I do have mad juggling skills) - when I looked out into the empty auditorium and watched in horror as my third daughter (yes the baby)'s husband's most awesome grandpa (from Utah no less) walks in cause he has been encouraged to attend this most awesome variety show.

The embarassment was so intense I woke up, lost all resolve, and had to start my day with the newly banned diet coke.

But I didn't lost this resolve.


Darn, I really wanted to see Jennifer tap dance in real life.


Utah Mom said...

That is too funny.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sue, my curiosity got the better of me so I checked out your "nightmare". LOL! Maybe I should share a few of my own...maybe not! Well, the only thing I can say is that I can juggle balls, clubs, scarves and rings, walk on stilts, make animal balloons, wobble around on a unicycle a bit and even do a card trick but I can't tap dance!
~Jenn (Tumbleina the Clown!)