Sunday, May 9, 2010

Best Mother's Day Ever!

OK it isn't over yet - but here's what is so good thus far:

My house didn't burn down. There was a little incident with the fan/heater in our upstairs bathroom this morning. I didn't have time to call the fire department and wait around for them to check things out because I had to get to church to give a talk. I didn't think the Milton FD would understand, so I just said a little prayer that my house wouldn't burn down, and it didn't! Well, I didn't have time to call the fire department, but I did manage to run to get the camera to document the meltdown.

We got these delicious items at church. Smartest move the Bishopric ever made. I don't suppose they will ever include diet coke in the bootie, but oh well these cookies sure beat a wilted carnation with a 2" stem or a potted plant with the flower head popped off. I'll take cookies any day! The hard part was sitting on the stand before my talk admiring the large basket of goodies for over an hour!

I survived my talk. Most of you know I can talk forever, but those minutes leading up to standing up can really turn your stomach inside out. Basically it was a commercial for our upcoming activity "Provident Living, It Just Makes Cents". I got a few chuckles out of the crowd. I will soon post pics of the apron bibs I talked about in my talk.

Don't miss the activity - it's this Saturday from 9-2 - lots of good information for everyone!

I have finally let go of most Mothers guilt. So often we feel inadequate, incapable, and pathetic in this job of mothering. I have taken the advise of my wonderful stake leaders and LET IT GO. You can go ahead and give me a "Mother of the Year" award anytime you like, cause doggone it - I deserve it!

Heather called and offered to cook me breakfast, lunch, dinner, wash my dishes and clean the kitchen. Too bad she lives 2400 miles away! But it's ok cause there is only one dirty pan, one plate, and one fork that needs to go in the dishwasher. But I am holding to that promise this summer when she is here.

Since hubby is out of town and my mom is no longer with us, my adopted sister's hubby and son in law are cooking dinner for all us moms. Very excited for more pampering.

Happy Mothers Day to my beautiful daughters who are amazing women and wonderful mothers!


Mike said...

The talk was AWESOME! Can I pencil you in to speak the second Tuesday of each month from now on? Thanks again. I like the Diet Coke idea. Maybe next Mother's Day we'll hand out Diet Coke and Advil and let all the moms go home early! Also, I can't let the bishopric take any credit for the cookies. That was 100% Laura's idea.

Cindi said...

Ooo! I wish they gave us cookies in my ward. I wish I could have heard your talk. I hope all is well. I've been missing you.