Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thank you, Mr. Obama, for making my day!

Before you all start cheering cause you love the new bill, or booing because you hate the new bill, or vica versa, hear me out.

The conservative card carrying Republican in me tells me that I don't like this bill. The country is in a big mess, we are all going to pay, it's the end of freedom and democracy etc etc. I have heard all the hype. All the criticism, all the cheers and all the jeers. For the most part, I have kept quiet. Why? Well, I haven't read the bill, nor have I read a summary. I don't trust a word I hear from either side, and I am not sure what to think, other than I am sure I don't trust most politicians regardless of their party affiliation. So I have just kept my opinions to myself (because though relatively ignorant about the nuts and bolts of this bill I DO have opinions) - but lest my ignorance show, I keep my mouth shut. Amazing, I know. But don't get me started on Biden. Major LACK OF CLASS.

But today, well Mr. Obama, today was the final straw. Maybe I am the last one to hear about this, but honestly, if this bill really becomes law, you have ruined my life.

As soon as next year, when you use a drive-thru or look at the menu of any restaurant chain with 20 or more outlets, the calorie count of their food items will be there, by law, as part of the new health care bill.
One of the few pleasures in life - ignorance at the drive thru - taken from the common man! How could you? (That delicious Bacon & Blue? 680 calories.)

I can't wait to sit down at Chili's and know that the basket of chips has 480 calories, not to mention my yummy Quesadilla Explosion salad has a whopping 1400 calories!

The only good thing that will come from this is that the Texas Roadhouse is finally going to have to come clean about their nutrition information. Thus far the Roadhouse has successfully kept their sinful caloric secrets under wraps. Hard to say how many calories were in those "Fall off the Bones" Ribs I had tonight. I don't want to know, not now and not next year!

You are right Joe Biden, this is a BIG DEAL.

And now, I am going to go cry myself to sleep. See you all tomorrow!


Shauna said...

I totally agree that seeing the calorie counts will be depressing, but at the end of the day I really don't think it will make a difference. McDonalds is already posting nutrition information on their boxes and wrappers and I haven't seen people turning their noses up at it. People like what they like and I'm pretty sure they know that what they're eating isn't always the best. I guess we'll see if things change.

Hez said...

Oh man mom... I'm married to the nutrition police. It's all over for me. No more eating out with Denver... only Katie. Sweet, sweet Katie.

Cindi said...

Right now I can only imagine how many calories were in the double burger for In and Out and the milk shake for Arctic Cirlce that I just ate. I don't really want to know. (We stopped at the Wendy's drive-in tonight too--that's dinner out with five kids.)