Thursday, July 16, 2009


For a few years now I have wanted to make the trek to Brimfield. "The Antiques and Collectibles Capital of the United States", Brimfield, MA is the host to thousands of dealers and tens of thousands of people three weeks every year - always in May, July and September. Brimfield is a sleepy little town with a population of 2,000 - but watch out during show weeks!

I left with a little cash in my pocket, and my trusty little point and shoot - knowing I would likely have more fun taking pictures than actually buying anything.I kept saying "I have one of those in the attic" - "I have that", "I remember that", "I wonder where I put that" get the drift. It was kind of like spending six hours in my house/garage/attic! I am pretty sure I could have my own mini-Brimfield, thanks to Larish and our Maine Packrat ways.

There are dozens of fields lined up with dealer after dealer selling every kind of antique and collectible imaginable. This cow was watching the last field very carefully, wondering when her field was going to be invaded by dealers. She was giving everybody what for too - mooing like crazy.I couldn't help but love this little girl in the food court - she was crying because she wanted to see her Grammie!
I loved this crazy painted Oak piece (and somehow never noticed that great jar until just now!)...You could get sterling - love these bundles tied with ribbon.
I hear they need a few extra hands at Girls Camp this year...
Or maybe a sign for the kitchen...
You could also outfit a marching band, or even an entire high school from the seventies! Click on the picture for a closer look...I love the old tubas...
I was the Lead Majorette in high school, but a guy was the Drum Major so I didn't have one of these hats:All in all, I spent $5 to park and a few dollars for lunch and water - but otherwise got away with a new appreciation for all that junk in my attic. Next show is September 8-13, anyone want to get away for the day?

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I would definitely go with the sign for disturbed women! Ha, ha!!!

How fun!