Sunday, April 26, 2009

Starring Shelby, a barren tree...

Tonight I went to our Stake Musical Production....Presentation...Thingy?

I know lots of people really love Michael McLean's
The Garden, I even have the CD. Nonetheless, I have discovered I am not too big on Allegorical Oratorios.

You know, the kind with singing trees, plants that don't grow, ensnared rams that mess up, and stones that are dead inside.

But I DO love the tree. The barren olive tree. Because she sings like a BEAUTIFUL BIRDIE. That's my Shelby. She is amazing, and I could listen to her sing day and night. So, I go to Allegorical Oratorios so I can hear her sing.

The first highlight of the evening for me was when my friend Linda stood up on the conductor's box and I realized she was the musical director. Things were looking up and no one had opened their mouths yet.

The second highlight was Bridget from Sanford, who sings like an angel. I felt sad that she couldn't grow and feel the sun.

The third highlight was a young man from Methuen who just might be the next American Idol. OK maybe not but the name David Archuleta did cross my mind. He was pretty good.

Ah, but the best, the very best, the bestest of all, was our dear sweet Shelby. She sings with HEART AND SOUL, and I loved every note, every musical expression. I felt sad that she was a barren tree, and elated when that was overcome.

Other than that, well... it was a great message if you like that kind of thing.

I guess I prefer Book of Mormon Road Show, Seminary video kind of talent, like this...

Just call me shallow...


Happy Huntings said...

Sadly, I could not attend the showing tonight. As the next best thing, I watched your Youtube video. Mighty entertaining.

Cindi said...

Wish I could have been there to hear Shelby sing and see Linda conduct. Miss you all.