Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Baby Lamb Called Easter

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One year the gift was none other than a little lamb! Such a sweet, white, soft, cuddly little lamb! I loved this little lamb. Snuggly, loveable little lamb. I was in heaven. I named my baby lamb Easter. PERFECT name for a perfect little lamb.

One fine summer day, my mom planned an outing to outdo any before. Because we lived in the country and didn’t have a second car – an outing was no small thing. She arranged for the Greyhound Bus to stop at our house and take us to the city - 18 miles away! There we would shop in the large department store Freese’s, the city shoe store and ride home with my Dad at the end of his work day. Because we were going to the CITY, that meant we got all dressed up in our finest dresses. We were decked to the nines. Let me repeat, this was A.VERY.BIG.DEAL.

Remember that sweet little lamb? By now, it was a cute baby RAM lamb, and I still loved him. I went out in the field to play with my lamb while waiting for the bus. I turned to return to the house.

Watch out! Here comes Easter! He decided to charge me. Head down, he came flying up the field and BAM hit me below the knees, knocking me to the ground. And the Ram, well he got away scot free! In spite of ramming my ankle to the point of breaking it, again I was the one in trouble! I ruined the outing! I ruined my dress! Why oh why did I go out into the field to play with my lamb!

Ooooooooooooh I can't wait to tell you about the bunnies...

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Cindi said...

I think you just liked getting dirty and you made up the stories about the animals "attacking" you. :) See, five kids and I think like a mom.

I can't believe your mom kept getting you animals for Easter. She must have had momnesia.

Keep the stories coming, I'm loving them.