Monday, April 14, 2008

Dietcokeaholics Anonymous

(If you click on the white bar above you will see what I crave...)
Day One (Friday) - not bad at all
Day Two (Saturday) - mean as a bear, splitting headache, sleepy as all get out, and overall miserable - 1 hour late picking up Larish at the airport - breathing fire!
Day Three - survived! Headache not so bad, drinking lots of carbonated water to get through Sunday - even gave a rousing talk on strengthening families in spite of my withdrawals
Day Four - barely a headache - being productive. Still could kill for an ice cold fizzy diet coke. Still addicted. I am like a recovering alcoholic. I am a dietcokeaholic!


Erica & Daren said...

This is Erica, Brian's little sister, and I just had to comment on this particular post. 2 years 3 months ago I gave up carbonation. I was a mountaindewaholic. THE HEADACHE WAS HORRIFIC!!! I know the feeling of not being able to even funtion without it. So, if I can make it that me you can too! I only occasionally crave a fizzy drink but for the most part now that it has been so long it doesn't even phase me. I'm telling you, you must try flavored lemonades(peach is a favorite of mine) You'll love them...Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Nearly everyone I know is addicted to diet Coke. I've been addicted to Cherry Coke, Coke with Lemon & Lime, Dr. Pepper, and Cheerwine. Cheerwine is the hardest for me to overcome because it's the tastiest, but I've had to give all this up several times.

Cindi said...

Good luck with that! We would love to get together while you are in Utah. Dinner (without fizzy beverages)?

Mike and Ariane said...

That is should challenge Mike to stop his caffeine addiction...of course he probably doesn't think he has an addiction! :-) That darn Coke Zero, Vault Zero, blah blah blah! Keep up the good work.