Thursday, April 10, 2008

Blah blah blah

OK so the complaints are flying that I haven't blogged about my exciting life lately. it is.
Tonight, I drove up to LL Bean to do a little shopping. Didn't buy a thing.
There you have it.
Okay, maybe I have done a few more exciting things, like get a haircut, take Candace to Boston for a Dr. appointment, go to the dentist, shop at JC Penneys at the Fox Run, go to Boston with Ken shopping for flowers for Nate and Louisa's wedding, work at CES, and sell Flowers at Fiddleheads; but other than that, my life is pretty boring. At least you know what I have been up to THIS week. Most weeks are a little busier and more exciting ;-)


Anonymous said...

Well the highlight of my week was getting a deep fryer, so who's really leading the boring life here?

Katie and Rode said...

Mom, I found something that would make your next trip to LL Bean worth it. I have been wanting to look at these booties on their website but never got around to it, so your link was the perfect opportunity. And I thought, "If she can't find anything for herself, she might as well buy something for one of her grandkids." :)They are the green pair with the lady bug under toddler booties.