Friday, March 28, 2008

Checking items off the list

Click here to see our bucket lists. Larish's dream has come true...OK maybe it wasn't truly the open seas, but we did get out into the ocean and had a wonderful cruise. The Freedom sails from St. Augustine, Florida. Larish had the opportunity to raise the sail (I am sure there is a more technical term, but to me he just pulled hard on this rope when they told him to)Didn't he do a great job?Aunt Lou came with us. It was so peaceful and beautiful. They used engine power to get us off the dock, but once we went under the "Bridge of Lions" they set the sails and turned off the engine. Silence is golden. The sunshine made the water glisten. You can barely see the lighthouse in the distance.
We loved St. Augustine. It is a beautiful old city and we had a great time, but definitely the highlight of the trip for us all was this Windjammer Cruise!This is what the Freedom looks like full sail, going past the fort in St. Augustine. What a beautiful day!


Anonymous said...

I also love St. Augustine and Aunt Lou.

Cindi said...

How wonderful and warm! :)