Thursday, February 7, 2008

The list

A couple of weeks ago we (Tyler and Maryellen, Larish and I) went to see "The Bucket List" looking for a fun time watching two old men live out their life fantasies before they die. Wow this movie was so much more than that. I think "bucket" also stands for what you need to catch the tears if you are a crybaby like me.
Morgan Freeman's character was loving and everybody's grandpa, and Jack Nicholson's character was just what you would expect, a crotchedy mean old rich guy. What was on their list? See something majestic. Do something to help a stranger for good. Kiss the most beautiful girl in the world. Get in touch. Go skydiving. Drive a Shelby 350. Hunt the big cat. etc. etc.
It certainly did make us think - so much so that we had to head over to Friendly's for Hot Fudge Sundaes to sit and discuss our own bucket lists. What is it that we would put on our list? (We all agreed we need some rich guy to finance our lists.)
Larish - go on a Windjammer Cruise
Tyler - Bike across the country (west to east), Hike the Appalachian Trail
Maryellen - Go to Ireland and Hawaii, Visit the Grand Canyon
Sue - Go on an African Safari (I decided the one at Busch Gardens would do!), Drive along the Gaspe Peninsula, Visit the Grand Canyon (I smell a Grand Canyon trip Thelma and Louise!)
So...what is on your bucket list? Does your list include lofty aspirations like write a novel, find the cure for cancer? Let's hear what is on your list.

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