Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A day late and a dollar short!

Only $2100 stood between me and my dream of owning a vintage camping trailer.

I spotted this beauty in Dover - a 1964 Shasta. It was in remarkably good shape.
Look at those orange wings! *sigh*
I drove by once more to take a picture and the "for sale" sign was gone.

Truthfully - I am pretty sure that maintaining this beauty is beyond my capabilities right now, but a girl can dream, can't she?


Dara said...

Sister Kane. I made a recipe you had on your blog a while back and it was delicious. I just wanted to thank you for sharing it on your blog. I made the red and white muchstaches Where you have the spagetti sauce, pasta, alfredo sauce, and mozzerella cheese and layers them. Yum. Ben loved it.

The Huffakers said...

You and tyler both! What is it with the camper life that is so exciting I will never know, but I do get a kick imagining you and Mary ellen being the crazy ladies that live in a campah up maine filled with Diet Cokes and chocolate.