Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Spirit

I’m really into Halloween fall with all of it’s skeletons leaves and ghosts apple cider donuts and jack-o-lanterns pumpkins.

Seriously I just heard that Halloween business is down this year – from over 5 BILLION dollars to only over 4 BILLION dollars. What is wrong with this picture???

Anyway, since I am a little bah-humbug about the whole thing, it is a little difficult to do a Halloween post. But here goes…

A graveyard shot:

Grampie, Grammie behind the tombstone Joy, Laurel, Bessie, Valeda

My Dad, Aunt Laurel, Aunt Bessie and Aunt Valeda at the grave of their parents, with my Great Grammie and Great Grampie Small.

A costume shot:

Susan SMALL abt 1960I am pretty sure I still have this costume in the costume box! Who is this cute little dancer?

A scary picture:

Katie and Kelley - 1983

sorry girls!

What can I say – it’s the best I’ve got for this my favorite  holiday season of the year!


Cindi said...

I feel about the same way.

thepedersens said...

That IS a scary picture, mom. It definitely isn't the finest display of my adorable nature as a child. And yes, I do believe we have that leotard in the costume box. I think that was one I chose NOT to try on when trying to find a leotard for my costume. It didn't have enough stretch potential :)