Sunday, August 9, 2009

Waterfront rules...

So peaceful in the morningOur visitors came to check out the ropes - I love the loonsProof that not only was I the "gatekeeper" - I even got on the dock to lifeguard.What a view - what a great time.Some of our fearless crew - this picture is missing all the daytimers that came for the day or only for a few days. Barb T. was our fearless leader and what would camp waterfront be without Tom and Ben? Of course I am the one with the megaphone and the clipboard. Ilona (front and center) had the most nicknames (Ilona rhymes with Iguana so I called her Iggy - she was always sweeping so we also called her the sweeper. Tom loved calling her Zena since her last name starts with a Z)The girls had so much fun in the water - the tent was my domain as the "gatekeeper".Kayaks were definitely the most popular watercraft, but we also had canoes, rowboats and sailboats.Ben pulling a train of inflatables.Evelyn proudly serving her meal during "Bishop's Night" - it's a tradition we all love.The camp service missionary - reminds me of the caretakers when the boy scouts owned the camp -always showed up at mealtime! Doesn't he look guilty??? (sorry Mike)YW Camp 2009!

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