Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy May Day!

May Day was one of my favorite days of the year! We always celebrated the first day of May with handmade May Baskets that we delivered to our friends in the neighborhood.

It was so fun to fashion the baskets from clean used milk cartons and brightly colored crepe paper. We fashioned a handle to hang the basket on the door knob. The baskets featured freshly picked wildflowers.

Delivery was the highlight - we would arrive at our friends homes - take the basket to the door, ring the bell (only usually we knocked cause us Mainers didn't have those fancy doorbells for the most part...) and then we would


The receiver of the basket would come to the door and run to try and catch us.

My favorite part of the chase was the catch. Depending upon who it was of course. Because upon catching the giver - a kiss would be planted squarely on the cheek.

Now if you happened to have a school girl crush on the receiver - ah it was heaven, that kiss. By then - your heart was pumping from the NOT - SO - FAST running you did (you know, so the boy could really catch you) - and the kiss - manna from Heaven I tell you.

I think May Baskets are a tradition that should continue. What do you think?

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Ken and Jen Perkes said...


Sometimes I get behind . . . as I obviously have been in reading your excellent blog. You are smart, funny, and have great posts. I need to visit more often!

Do you and Larish slow down enough in the summer that perhaps we could all get together, go out to eat, or just do something fun one of these weekends?