Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The cool thing about hospitals

I just read the paperwork from the hospital after my "routine medical screening procedure for people over 50" and it warned not to sign any papers for 24 hours. Maybe I shouldn't be blogging either?

In any case, the coolest thing ever! Check this out! This was in the prep room before the procedure. (I guess they figured a having a toilet handy is a good idea)
I want one of these! Just swing the toilet under the sink and the unsightly thing is out of the way. That's right folks, this is a "Swing-A-Way model 9510", and the toilet swings! Attached to the inside of the other cabinet door: A toilet paper holder! So cool.

If Heather had one of these, where on earth would Gunner get a drink?

1 comment:

Cindi said...

Way too cool. I hate to imagine where Randy would want one installed.

When are you coming to Utah?