Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Drumroll, please....

And...she has a name! Baby girl Boston was finally given her official "printed on a birth certificate" name!

Are you ready?

Her name is...

Lillian Wyn Boston

Quite name for such a wee one, wouldn't you say? Here is the history:

Lillian is my mother's name. Kelley had quite a connection to my mom, her Grammie Small, since birth. We were living with my parents when she was born and my mom was right there through thick and thin the first six months of Kelley's life. Their special relationship continued until my mom passed away when Kelley was still a young girl.

Wyn is a name given in honor of Larry's Dad: Roger Elwyn Kane. Dad passed away this last Saturday, one day before Lillian was born. Lillian's great-grampie Roger Elwyn's funeral was today, the day she was given this special name. Also, her Grampie (Buddy's) name is Larish Elwyn Kane, so she is named after both her Grampie and her Great Grampie.

And the funny part is this: if you look at her initial of her first name it is L. "L. Wyn". Get it? Named after Elwyn. Brian figured that out after she was named. Cool, huh?

And her official name by which she shall be called by all who speak to her? Lil. (Or Ian-Alexander has a little problem with all those L's in her name). Those are the only nicknames allowed. Got it?

And you know me, the rebellious granny. I shall probably call her Wynnie. But don't tell Kelley!

For pictures of one of the two most beautiful granddaughters in the whole wide world, check out Kelley and Brian's blog: brianslittlefamily.blogspot.com. Well, the most beautiful one right now, but in two weeks...well you know, then she will have some competition for that title.


Anonymous said...

Firstly, I'm sorry about Larry's dad. Was he in PA or ME? Secondly, I like the name. I also dig the L. Wyn thing. I also can't promise I won't come up with nicknames of my own. I'm a Yeagley, it's what we do.

PS - She is really cute!

Cindi said...

What a lovely name. Well done, Kelley.