Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hear the duckies?

When Katie was little she would climb into our bed in the summer asking us "Hear the duckies?" The loons would be crying on the lake and wake her up.
I love to hear the loons cry. They carry on with a very distinctive wail and chatter with each other. They get busy late at night, and again in the early morning hours. I love to lay in bed with the windows up, listening to the loons. I can still hear Katie asking "Hear the duckies?" How blessed we are to live on a lake, and get to hear the loons in the summer!


Anonymous said...

I too love the loons. I can picture Katie doing that to.

Cindi said...

Every now and then I will hear loons in my bedroom. But it's just Randy looking up a website about loons when he gets homesick for NH.